Cause that’s what Best friends do !

Hey guys , 

Recently while I was travelling , I had a talk with my best friend .

I don’t know if I have mentioned but sometimes when I feel alot about something, I write poems .

We all miss our best friends right ? There’s always something , somewhere that reminds us of them.  All our fights still manage to make the bond stronger and the love more immense .Talking to her motivated me to write one poem .This isn’t the first best friend related poem I’ve written but my first one wasn’t actually dedicated to anyone.This is and that is what  makes this special . So here’s it ! A silly poem describing  US.

… I’ll always be with you ,

Cause that’s what best friends do .

A sleepless night , A pillow fight .

Pussy with you , For you a knight♡

If they hurt you, tell me once ,

I’ll punch them in the face .

Then we together dance all day ,

I’ll also get some Thickshake bae♡

I’ll be with you,  you be with me ,

through all ups and downs .

We know we’re warriors and Queens, 

We don’t need no crowns ♡

Maybe a call or a text ,

Miss me this moment ? 

I’m there for you ,

In the next ♡

Secrets ,Secrets and secrets we share .

Our stupid talks hardly anyone can bare.

Don’t hide anything. Don’t you dare. 

I love the crazy things we do , while others just stare ♡

When I’m sad get me an icecream tub,

Sobbing, my nose on your shirt I rub.

‘Eww’ you say and move apart,

But you still have a corner reserved in my heart ♡

Promise , I’ll be there for you .

Cause that’s what best friends do ♡


Dear best friend, 

I know I have let you down a few times .I know sometimes I’m not able to give you enough time . I know you get mad when I don’t pick calls .

But , even after all this , 

I know you love me .

I know I scold you more than mom sometimes .I know I eat your brain but it’s soo yummy . I know I’m really annoying. I know you don’t know how to dance .I know you .

But , what you should  be knowing is , 


No matter how much my mood swings make me hate you sometimes . It’s a fact .You make me happy. Just like music does . You make me happy just the way wind does . 


TeenMess● Ishika●Signing off 



7 thoughts on “Cause that’s what Best friends do !

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  1. A heart felt message for your best friend, being a loner I wish I had a best friend like that lol. Truly touched my soul, thanks for sharing such a lovely post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙂

    Warm Regards

    Liked by 1 person

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