Depression today,  has almost become a trend with every second person telling why they’re depressed .No .That’s not depression. Depression is something serious. U might just  be upset and being ‘upset’and being ‘in depression’ are two very different things .

But I know , we know , there are some of you who might actually be facing depression while not even knowing it .This is for you. 

Also , this is for all of you who are afraid to tell others about their feelings .We can’t actually blame it completely on you saying you’re shy or something .People sometimes treat depression like an disease .It’s not .It’s not abnormal yet it is dangerous .But still , you guys need to open up .If not to anyone ,atleast to a doctor who can help you if you feel there’s something seriously wrong with you. 

Here are a few symptoms ……..

  1. Persistent sad , anxious or empty feelings .
  2. Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism 
  3. Feelings of guilt ,worthlessness and/or helplessness 
  4. Loss of interest in ordinary activities 
  5. Sleep disturbances (over sleeping, early -morning waking )
  6. Eating disturbances 
  7. Decreased energy or Fatigue 
  8. Thoughts of death, suicide ,suicide attempts 
  9. Restlessness and/or irritability 
  10. Difficulty in concentrating ,remembering and/or making decisions .



If you feel  depressed but it’s not very serious , try these ways ⬇

  • Enjoy or atleast tolerate the tumble.

     Nothing lasts forever. Stay’s just a phase .

  • Do something active. Go out, Get away from house for sometime, take a ride ,go for a walk ,read a book etc.     
  • Have a good cry. Nothing feels better than crying your heart out when you’re alone in the room. it’s good to cry sometimes. 
  • Sit down and analyze the situation . And find a solution .”Alot of times if you can pinpoint the source of your depression ,you’ll feel alot better” said Dr.Strassburger .”once you understand the problem ,you can begin to figure out what you need to do about it .”
  • Try ,Try then quit . Chasing elusive goals can lead to depression .This is when you have to realize that you gave it your best shot and give up .
  • Exercise.  Stay active and stay fit .It makes you feel better .
  •  Pick up a box of crayons . Studies prove that one feels better after writing or drawing their thoughts on paper .A choice of red could suggest anger ,black-sadness and gray-anxiety.
  • Close the refrigerator.  While binge eating might give you happiness for the moment , it might leave you with a depressing waistline .monitor your diet .

If you’re still reading this , thank you .

That’s all for today .Hope this helped .

TeenMess ● Ishika ● Signing off 


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