Portion Of Life 

A portion of your life , A part of your life .Something is always left behind. After all ,How can you get /keep everything all at once ?

Well , being a filmy girl , I’d like state a dialogue once said by SRK.

“Zindagi mein kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai”

Meaning .

“To win something in life , you also have to lose something “

A very well said line ,I must say .Our greed does not seem to come to an end .Ever.But The sooner we understand the better it is that One cannot have life as an whole .A portion will always be left .

Take any successful person in life .One thing they all have in common is that they have lost something in life to become who they are .And that something can be anything .Maybe your sleep ? 

How much ever you try , you will miss on something in life .So better enjoy what life provides you with at this moment .There’s always something coming your way .Good or bad , there’s always something .If it’s good ,your luck! Enjoy it to the fullest . If it’s bad , also your luck ! There’s always something you can learn from it .

You can’t have everything all at once but u can have it one by one and enjoy every bit of it !

For every pizza lover out there , 

Every Part of life is as important as a slice of pizza .Mainly the last slice 😜

That’s enough of gyaan  for today !

Hope you enjoyed this !

TeenMess ● Ishika ● Signing off 



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