Facing Fears

Let’s face it. No matter how Strong we are on the outside or pretend to be , there’s something we all fear .Something. Someone.But how long can we hide ? 

At some point of time , our fear is gonna stand right in front of our eyes , ready to destroy us .But can you surrender so easily ? No. You have to fight .And to win this battle,  here are tips from my side .

  • Shhhh..! 

One way you conquer your fear is to keep it a secret from the world .Sure your family or close friends should know but opening up to everyone is a stupidity these days .The more people you tell , the more you hear from them .Remember , there are many people waiting to bring you down .This only gives a chance. Share it , only with trusted ones .

  • Believe.

By this I mean , Believe in self , Believe that you can conquer your fear .Believe you’re a warrior and believe no fear is strong enough to ruin you .Don’t let anyone make you not believe all the things mentioned above .

  • Get that boost 

Get that boost of confidence .From friends , family, anything and everything that makes you feel strong .Do something you do really well and ask yourself – If I can do this , why not that? . Gather all your courage .Face it 

That’s all I could suggest for now .Also I would love to know what you would like to see on my blog :)Let me know in the comments below .


Note .You’re not alone .There’s always someone somewhere in this world waiting for a person just like you . :))

There’s this song I would like to share ,

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhul na, 
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha.

Jaaye tu kahin bhi yeh sochna 

Koi tere khatir hai jee raha.


Don’t you ever forget , 

There’s someone out there living for you .

Wherever you go , just think about it .

There’s someone out there living for you .

TeenMess ●Ishika ●Signing off 


2 thoughts on “Facing Fears

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  1. You’re “shhh” tip certainly made me read a little more closely, because I was about to disagree with you. But I think you are right and make a good point. Open up, but take care who you open up to… having a support system can make the difference, but it has to be a good one!

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